Artist Statement

Guy Tarrant has been making artworks since 1987. These have covered many different approaches spanning over fifty different projects. They are always ‘Reflexive’ in their approach; that is to say they always seek to reflect issues pertaining to the situations the artist finds himself to be in. These artworks have always sought to challenge the formal processes of art. Guy’s first concerns dealt with questioning the very nature of artistic authorship and professional practice.

As things have progressed Guy has became more involved in teaching and he his shifted his attention to addressing the education process itself. He has become increasingly concerned with focusing on the role and responses of participants and their behaviours. This is evident in the current project ‘Resistances' were the art making processes revolve around evidencing the everyday resistant actions and behaviours of school pupils. Guy has been involved in education for over 20 years and is dedicated to trying to improve the system at large. He currently works part-time as a SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-orinator) in a small residential ESMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health) school and spends the remainder of his time pursuing general supply teaching and community art projects mostly within the mental health sector.

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